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Wolfgang Roehr (born 1959), the founder of the group, has been involved in the pharmaceutical and health care business for the last 25 years.

His career began in Hamburg, Germany, with the international trade of pharmaceutical raw materials. From there he moved to Hong Kong in 1982 to build up and oversee the Asian activities of a reputable American trading company.


Early on he recognized the potential for pharmaceuticals in Asia, particularly China, and in February 1986, he started his own company, International Merona, in Hong Kong. The company’s main activities included the worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical and natural raw materials from and to Europe, USA and China, India and other Asian countries.

His close ties to the Philippines prompted him to set up his own generic medicine factory when the Philippine government legislated the “Generics Act” in 1988 to promote the use of generic medicines for the benefit of the people. BIOGENERICS was founded, and the first foreign-owned, fully cGMP-certified generic medicine factory in East Asia was built and completed in 1990.

The company’s philosophy was to make high-quality medicines available at affordable prices. A wide range of products in various dosage forms, covering most therapeutic classes, was produced. BIOGENERICS also became the largest exporter of generic medicines from the Philippines to many markets in the world and cooperated closely with major aid organizations, such as “German Doctors for Developing Countries.”

As first hand experience with chronic and degenerative diseases made BIOGENERICS increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional Western medicine with its emphasis on fighting symptoms, the company saw the need to look into the field of natural medicines. The goal was to develop complementary therapies to treat the roots of the diseases too, for a more proactive and holistic approach to health care management.

With this, the main focus of the group shifted to the research, development and production of nutritional medicines. All other business activities were combined under the roof of BIOGENERICS in Hong Kong.

From 1995 until now, more than 60 products have been developed for a number of degenerative and chronic diseases using the latest extraction technologies according to the specific requirements of the various applications. In-house research and development is based on latest science and cooperates with many prestigious universities. The innovative finished dosage forms and delivery systems for nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and functional foods are based on cutting-edge technologies mainly used in the pharmaceutical field.

Most of the products are licensed to customers and partners in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food industry. They are marketed under the customers’ own brand names but with continuous scientific and marketing support from BIOGENERICS.

ROEHR nature + science was registered as a trademark in 2002 for those customers who want to market a comprehensive product range of nutritional medicines and cosmeceuticals under a uniform concept and brand name. The concept is based on the control of free radicals caused by oxidative stress, which are related to almost all major degenerative and chronic diseases of our time (cf. www.wroehr.com). The brand has first been introduced in Asia, with a range of products covering oxidative stress, diabetes, cardiovascular health and the immune system.

ROEHR nature + science is exclusively licensed to one partner per country, who is experienced in marketing and distribution to doctors and drugstores.

Individualized prescriptions are the latest trend. All products can be supplied either as microencapsulated granules or innovative MicroTabs, both allowing individualized prescriptions depending on the needs and conditions of each patient. For more information, please go to “Finished Dosage Forms,” “Products” and “MicroTabs.”

Quality Assurance: The quality of the finished products largely depends on the quality of the raw materials used. Due to its long history and experience with synthetic as well as natural raw materials, BIOGENERICS knows most of the major manufacturers worldwide and is familiar with their quality standards. All raw materials and finished dosage forms are produced in selected facilities in Germany and other countries, according to cGMP standards as per WHO guidelines. In-house as well as external auditing of the facilities will always assure that the company’s quality standards are met and maintained. In addition to this, BIOGENERICS pays special attention to the bioavailability and bioactivity of the products by using the latest production and extraction technologies as well as delivery systems best suited for each product.

With its headquarters today in Germany and own offices in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, BIOGENERICS cooperates worldwide with many renowned partners from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food industry. The raw materials and semi-finished products are distributed in small pack sizes to drugstores, hospitals and doctors. In finished form, the products are sold and promoted by the licensees via multimedia campaigns, prescribed and recommended by dermatologists or used as high-tech ingredients in sophisticated functional food.

BIOGENERICS’ commitment to continuous research and development will assure that its partners always have the best available products based on latest science for their respective markets.

BIOGENERICS would like to be your competent and reliable partner in the health care industry.


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