BIOGENERICS respects the absolute right of the doctor to prescribe the medicines best suited for their patients and the historic function of the pharmacist to compound the products based on these prescriptions.
Industrialized mass production has changed this historical and close cooperation between the doctor and the pharmacist and today, many
pharmacies are relegated to being predominantly storage and supply stations. However, there are a number of pharmacies in Germany and worldwide still holding on to their old tradition and, more importantly, their number is increasing again.

The constant rise in chronic and degenerative diseases in our industrialized and aging society requires us to take a broader view to find new solutions and additional treatment options.

Conventional Western medicine has made great advances over the years, particularly in the diagnostic field, but with its emphasis on fighting symptoms, it has also shown its limitations. Synthetic medicines are necessary in those cases where the symptoms are a direct threat to the life of the patient, or where immediate comfort is required. But they are not suitable for long- term or preventive treatment, due to their potentially serious side effects.

We need a more comprehensive approach that will also target the root causes of diseases and might possibly prevent them. In recent years, therefore, the medical profession has been looking into the field of natural and complementary medicines to fill the gap. This is documented by the strong increase in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Germany and other Western countries. More and more TCM remedies are being prescribed by doctors and then compounded in pharmacies.
One of the advantages of TCM is that it fulfills the need for a more individualized approach to treatment, but it still lacks broad scientific and clinical evidence and the quality standards demanded by the majority of the medical profession.

A very promising option is the field of nutritional and natural medicines that are based on TCM, Ayurveda or other traditional remedies, but where latest science and clinical studies are applied to prove efficacy and safety and where the same quality standards and production methods are used that have been established for pharmaceutical products.

As the causes and symptoms of most diseases or conditions vary from patient to patient, more individualized prescriptions are required. Industrialized mass production is not suitable to take the individual needs of each patient into consideration. Thus, the function of the pharmacist to compound these individualized prescriptions as a partner of the doctor is required today more than ever.

BIOGENERICS would like to support you in this function by supplying a wide range of natural and synthetic raw materials, premixes and semi-finished dosage forms in delivery systems and pack sizes suitable for small-scale production. We will help you with production and testing methods and provide you with up-to-date scientific literature and support, all necessary for your cooperation with the medical professionals.

We have been actively involved in the health care industry for the last 25 years. Our activities include the worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical and natural raw materials, the production and marketing of generic medicines, and the research, development and production of natural extracts in various dosage forms and delivery systems.

Based on our long experience, we develop and produce innovative products for most of today’s chronic and degenerative diseases by combining the benefits of both conventional Western and complementary medicines.

With our origin in Asia and our headquarters today in Germany, we have the competence to be your reliable partner in the health care industry.

These are the products and services we can initially offer:

Premixes of all Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
We supply a range of standard mixtures, but can also supply you with your own individual premixes based on a minimum quantity of 20 kg. These premixes may also include any of our other nutraceutical or herbal extracts.

Pelletized or Microencapsulated Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Nutraceuticals
We supply a selected range of products in these delivery forms, where protection from oxidation, separation of incompatibles, taste masking or modified release may be required.

Premixes of Pre- and Probiotics
We supply a range of premixes for various conditions and indications. They are heat-stable and may be stored at room temperature.

Premixes of Enzymes
We supply a range of individual enzymes, including our special fungus-based pancreatin, as well as premixes for various conditions and indications.

Standardized Natural Extracts
We supply a wide range of natural extracts that have been researched and developed based on latest science and produced using high-tech extraction technologies according to the specific requirements of the various applications. They are standardized to the content of one or more of their major ingredients and are available in various concentrations.

Nutraceutical Raw Materials
We supply a wide range of products both natural and synthetic for various indications and health conditions.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
We supply a range of APIs for various therapeutic classes, in powdered, micronized, pelletized or microencapsulated form.

Exipients and Equipment
We will supply a selected range of products to support you in your production needs. We can provide you with empty hard capsules both gelatin and vegetable based, in different sizes and colors, and even flavored (they can be used for patients who have difficulties in swallowing capsules). As special tools are required to fill pellets into capsules, we offer an affordable manual encapsulation machine enabling accurate pellet filling, with corresponding tools.

We supply a range of anti-aging ingredients, both natural and synthetic. They are based on latest science and come in various and innovative delivery systems, including microencapsulated extracts. A special feature of our natural extracts is that they are water-soluble. Most of them can be directly used without further emulsification. They have been produced using high-tech water extraction technology.

ROEHR nature + science

We have developed our own in-house brand ROEHR nature + science for those pharmacies who are interested in marketing a comprehensive range of nutritional medicines and cosmeceuticals under one concept and brand name. The products cover a wide range of diseases and conditions and will be supplied as selected premixes or in our innovative delivery systems such as MicroTabs.
The MicroTabs concept is based on a matrix system that allows easy mixing of the different products directly at the point of sale. Individualization and personalization of prescriptions according to the needs of each patient is one of its main features.

Quality Assurance
Production in selected, cGMP- and/or ISO-certified facilities
In-house as well as external validation of the production processes
In-house as well as third-party quality controls, using state-of-the-art testing equipment and methods
Functional Food and Beverage
All natural extracts have been tested in-house or externally for heavy metal and bacterial contaminations during the different production stages.
A comprehensive certificate of analysis will be provided with each delivery.
The products are available in various dosages and innovative delivery systems using cutting-edge technologies.
Other Services

We will provide you with production and testing methods, up-to-date scientific literature and marketing support.
We are looking forward to being your competent and trusted partner in the health care industry.
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