Quality Assurance

BIOGENERICS pays special attention to the quality controls of the raw materials and finished dosage forms during the different production stages.

Our quality standards include the following:

  • Production in selected facilities that are cGMP- and/or ISO-certified
  • In-house as well as external validation of the production processes
  • In-house as well as third-party quality controls, using state-of-the-art testing equipment and methods
  • APIs and generic medicines are tested according to EP, BP or USP norms as per latest edition.
  • Natural extracts and finished dosage forms are tested and standardized to the content of one or more of their major ingredients. In addition, they have been tested in-house and externally for heavy metal and bacterial contaminations.
  • A comprehensive certificate of analysis will be provided with each delivery.

We want to be a trusted and reliable partner to our customers in the health care industry.