Dosage Forms

Our products can be supplied in various dosage forms and innovative delivery systems using cutting-edge technologies.
Premixed powders for direct compression or filling into capsules
Tablets, including film and sugar-coated tablets, also with modified or sustained release activity
Effervescent tablets
Capsules, hard gelatin or vegetable
Soft gel capsules
Injectable powder vials and ampoules
Ointments and creams
Liquid and dry powder suspensions
Soft chews
Nutraceutical and medical gums
Custom developments based on specific needs and objectives
The finished dosage forms can be packaged in glass or plastic bottles, PVC/aluminum blisters or aluminum/aluminum strips.
Our new matrix system for the combination of multiple ingredients allows the production of individualized and personalized prescriptions directly at the point of sale.
Natural Standardized and Full Spectrum Extracts
Our extracts come in different forms and are produced using high-tech extraction technologies according to the specific requirements of the various applications. Apart from standard extraction processes, we apply the following technologies:

Supercritical CO2 extraction process


Proprietary low temperature and multi-step water extraction, preserving all the phytochemicals and constituents in the ratio designed by nature. The extracts are standardized to the content of one or more of their major ingredients.


Bio-transformed vitamins, minerals and herbs, cultivated in organic media in order to achieve higher bioavailability and bioactivity



Modified Extracts
Our products can be further processed by applying Microencapsulation, Pellet, Beadlet and Nanosphere technologies to:

Preserve them from oxidation and sun exposure
Avoid bacterial contamination
Have modified or sustained release activity
Protect them from stomach acidity
Mask odors and fragrances
Improve water dispersibility
Improve bioavailability
Protect and separate incompatible ingredients
Extend shelf life
Improve flowability and homogeneity

We are looking forward to discussing with you the products and services for your individual requirements.