BIOGENERICS has developed a wide range of finished formulations in different dosage forms and delivery systems. They are designed with a view to combining the benefits of both conventional Western and complementary medicines and are based on latest science.
The natural standardized extracts contained in these formulations are produced using proprietary high-tech extraction technologies according to the specific requirements of the various applications. Some of them are standardized to the content of one or more of their major ingredients. For special applications we also have full spectrum extracts, where the whole range of nutrients and phytochemicals is preserved as designed by nature.
The dosage forms and branded standardized extracts cover a wide range of chronic and degenerative diseases and conditions.

The major fields are:

Anti-aging in general (based on the control of free radicals and oxidative stress)

Immune stimulation/enhancement

Diabetes, including related conditions, such as neuropathy and retinopathy

Weight loss and obesity

Digestive disorders


Cholesterol support



Irritable bowel syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Cardiovascular diseases in general, including arteriosclerosis

Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive enhancement

Macular degeneration


Cancer prevention and complementary support

HIV/AIDS complementary support



Attention deficit syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome





Yeast infections

Urinary tract infections

Prostate health

Liver degenerative disease

Hepatitis B and C complementary support

Herpes viruses and associated diseases

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Premixes and Semi-finished Products

From a minimum of 20 kg (up to several 1,000 kg), we can supply our products as premixes or in semi-finished dosage forms. A selected range of products can also be supplied in pellet or microencapsulated form, where protection from oxidation, separation of incompatibles, taste masking or modified release may be required.

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  • Skin aging inside/out
  • Hair and nails

We can supply a range of existing topical and oral formulations, or we can develop a formulation and delivery form tailor-made for your individual requirements. Our own formulations only include natural emulsifiers and preservatives.


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ROEHR nature + science

We have developed our own in-house brand ROEHR nature + science for those pharmacies who are interested in marketing a comprehensive range of nutritional medicines and cosmeceuticals under one concept and brand name. The products cover a wide range of diseases and conditions and will be supplied as selected premixes or in our innovative delivery systems such as MicroTabs.
The MicroTabs concept is based on a matrix system that allows easy mixing of the different products directly at the point of sale. Individualization and personalization of prescriptions according to the needs of each patient is one of its main features.
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APIs / Generic Medicines / Pharmaceutical Formulations
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