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Our New Delivery System for Individualized and Personalized Prescriptions

BIOGENERICS has developed a matrix system that allows easy mixing and exact dosing of multiple compounds and products, based on the individual needs of each patient, by using the innovative technology of MicroTabs.

The complex treatment of today’s chronic and degenerative diseases often requires the prescription of a great many products for the different symptoms and root causes. Industrialized and standardized mass production of mono- or multi-compounds in tablets and capsules cannot take the individual needs of each patient into consideration. Very often, the patient has to take four to six different products in a varying number of dosage forms – or even more. Proper compliance is not assured, and individual factors like gender, age and weight complicate the matter even further.

As the causes and symptoms of most diseases and conditions vary from patient to patient, individualized prescriptions are required. Pharmacies and medical clinics, which will compound these prescriptions, usually do not have sophisticated production equipment available. Therefore, they need products and compounds in a uniform delivery form that allows easy and accurate mixing of a large number of products and combinations.

MicroTabs offer the following features:

Every MicroTab is exactly 2 mm in diameter and height.
Every MicroTab contains an exact amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and has, including exipients, the same weight.
Every MicroTab complies with the requirements of Ph.Eur.

All these characteristics enable accurate, convenient and homogeneous mixing directly at the point of sale, even when exact therapeutic dosing is required. It can be achieved with standard balanced weighing scales and small-scale mixers.

Further advantages are:

Mono- and multi-compounds combined in one MicroTab
VDifferent galenic formulations, including enteric coating and modified release (quick, prolonged or sustained), depending on the individual characteristics of the actives and therapeutic requirements
Taste masking
Separation of incompatibles
Assured stability

The advantages for the patients are:

Exact and individualized dosing and formulations, based on therapeutic requirements and the physiological conditions of each patient
One administration for all the different compounds at one time to assure compliance
Easy to swallow, even in large quantities
Faster release of actives in comparison to conventional tablets
Better transport in the gastrointestinal tract, with reduced or no irritations
Convenient and exact dosing

For dosing and delivery of the products, we offer the following measuring aids:

Our measure cup is suitable and convenient for dosages of 1–5 grams and more.
If smaller or exact therapeutic dosing is required, we recommend our unique measuring spoon. It contains 50 inlets matching exactly the physiological dimensions of the MicroTabs. As every MicroTab contains exactly the same amount of the active compounds, accurate dosing is assured.
Alternatively, the MicroTabs can also be filled into gelatin or vegetable hard shell capsules.
MicroTabs also offer advantages when compared to dry powder suspensions and liquid formulations:

Exact and individual dosing
Easy to swallow, without unpleasant taste
No preservatives
Convenient handling and storage
Assured stability

BIOGENERICS has developed a wide range of nutritional compounds and natural standardized extracts in this innovative delivery form. They are available for licensing under our in-house brand ROEHR nature + science or for private label marketing.
We are looking forward to discussing with you the many options and advantages of this innovative delivery form.