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"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."
Hippocrates (480–357 BC)

Food is Medicine!

Epidemiological studies have shown that 95 percent of all degenerative and chronic diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies, and more than 50 of them are scientifically linked to free radical damage caused by oxidative stress.

Some of the major diseases are: obesity, diabetes, heart diseases caused by high cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease – and cancer. Despite the advances of modern medicine, the incidence of these diseases has been continuously increasing over the last 20 years.

What causes oxidative stress and free radical damage?

Today, we are exposed to much higher levels of oxidative stress. This is caused by the UV radiation of the sun, physical and emotional stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol, high consumption of saturated fats and regular intake of synthetic medicines, to name a few.

Nature’s Resources!

Nature has provided us with an array of defense mechanisms against free radical damage caused by oxidative stress. We can find them in our food. Scientists have discovered beneficial antioxidants and thousands of phytonutrients in fruit, vegetables and other plants. Daily consumption of lots of fruit and vegetables dramatically lowers the risk of degenerative diseases. This fact has been documented by epidemiological studies showing that people are healthier if they incorporate more of the right kind of plants into their diet.

Unfortunately, due to poor eating habits and the consumption of too much fast food and processed food, we are no longer consuming enough of these all-important nutrients. Even a balanced diet does not provide enough of them, as they are no longer present in sufficient amounts in today’s food. The reasons for this are soil depletion and long storage times at the supermarket and at home. Overcooking will do the rest.

Today, in order to maintain a strong immune system and a healthy body, we need at least 3,500–5,000 ORAC units (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) per day to fight free radicals.

However, our diet provides only an average of 700 to 1,000 ORAC units per day. The lack of proper nutrients makes our body and organs, including skin and hair, age much faster, and we are more prone to degenerative and chronic diseases.

ROEHR nature + science has developed a range of orthomolecular and nutritional medicines to supplement the daily needs and protect the body against free radical damage.
Our products may help to prevent or treat the root causes of degenerative diseases and not just their symptoms.

ROEHR nature + science only uses organically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs. They are independently tested and certified to be free of toxins and molds. In natural food, the active phytonutrients are not present in the same concentration. Their content varies depending on the weather, climate, soil, altitude and storage conditions.

ROEHR nature + science identifies and isolates the active phytonutrients through a state-of-the-art extraction process. The extracts are standardized and tested to the content of one or more of their major ingredients to guarantee an exact amount in each dosage.

ROEHR nature + science products are developed based on latest science in cooperation with reputable universities and research laboratories worldwide.

ROEHR nature + science products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP and/or ISO quality standards in Germany and selected facilities worldwide. We supply them in various dosage forms and innovative delivery systems using cutting-edge technologies.

ROEHR nature + science offers both conventional tablets and capsules as well as a new and unique delivery system for individualized and personalized prescriptions. Our innovative MicroTabs concept allows easy mixing of multiple compounds directly at the point of sale, according to the individual needs of each patient. The product matrix is based on a proactive and holistic approach to health care management and covers a wide spectrum of degenerative and chronic diseases.

It includes: standardized plant extracts, antioxidants/anti-inflammatories, natural and bio-transformed vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant- and fungus-based enzymes, natural detoxifying and chelating fibers and other compounds, as well as plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on stress and emotions.

In addition, we supply a selected range of pre- and probiotics in hard capsules.

Nature’s resources combined with modern science may help to achieve a healthier and longer life.



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